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ICM (International Consultants and Managers )

***ICM is a CoFFET company engaged in marketing and representing “japan school” in its desire to get interested applicants from the Philippines. We are not recruiting workers for Japan placement. All fees related to this program goes directly to the Japan company. ICM will NOT accept payments/reservations from applicants, it should be paid directly to the Japan Company. ICM will assist the applicant in all stages of the application process including documentation and give advice from time to time.
ICM will charge;

  1. Php1,500.00 fee payable to ICM. Includes membership to;
    1. CoFFET (www.coffet.org)
    2. ICF Coop (www.icfcoop.com)
    3. Administering the CSSWPJ program.


IMPORTANT Regarding CSSWPJ Work and Study Program in Japan

***Please read this information very carefully regarding how to apply to the study and work program in Japan, specifying the semester intake you desire to apply after considering the information

Dear Applicants, 

Thank you for being interested in the program, Corporate Sponsored Study and Work Program in Japan (CSSWPJ).

We could not be happier to welcome more international talents to Japan. With the CSSWPJ program, we offer potential foreign students who are interested in Japanese language learning to get financial support and employment opportunities with major Japanese companies. 

First of all, we would like you to gain a better understanding toward the program. Please refer to the below website for Program Overview, Japanese Language Learning, Study Loan, Work with the Sponsor Company Introduction and Fee Detail for your reference.


This program does not require applicant to have a sponsor, the company is your sponsor.
This program will not require you proof of income in COE application.


What is CoFFET?

CoFFET is a Japan based organization with operations in the Philippines. It is engaged in the field of education and training and professional development that assists Filipinos wherever they may be in their desire to come and teach in Japan.

For more information and details;




What is ICFCoop?

ICFCoop is a cooperative owned by its members for the purpose of serving its members achieve financial independence and opportunities to improve their lives through empowerment, ownership, training and patronage.
For more information;



What is ICM?

ICM is a newly registered company in Japan and Philippines for the purpose of;

1. Providing legal basis for its activities and representation.

2. Engage itself in any income generating activities as maybe allowed by its Constitution and by-laws and the laws of Japan and Philippines


Its activities include;

  1. ·        School Sponsored Study & Work Program

  1. ·        Company Sponsored Study & Work Program
  2. ·        Education & Training
    1. o   TESOL
    2. o   Continuing Education
    3. o   Caregiver Training (soon)
    4. o   Help members come to Japan legally through its program
  3. ·        Cooperative
  4. ·        Marketing of products and Services
  5. ·        Japan Internship Program (soon)






What is CCSWPJ?
Is a company sponsored language study and work program in partnership with various language schools all over Japan and major Japanese companies to provide opportunity for foreigners to come to Japan and study the language inspite of financial difficulties.

The CSSWPJ, is NOT a scholarship program. The CSSWPJ is a Study Loan Support offered by participating companies and schools. The program offers;

  1. 75% Study loan Support to the student
    1. This amount is payable by the student through salary deduction monthly
  2. 25% Payable by the students semi-annually
    1. Half to be paid at 1st month
    2. Other half on the 7th month


We are now currently open for applications for the following semester intakes
- January 2017 Semester
- April 2017 Semester
- July 2017 Semester 
- October 2017 Semester 

What is the Study Loan Program of CSSWPJ?

CSSPJ will select qualified students after video conference interviews to receive Schooling Fee Study Loan varying in percentage up to 75%. In the case of 75% Study Loan, sponsor company will pay 75% of schooling fee in advance leaving only 25% for students to shoulder at own cost. Here, study loan can be slowly paid back by working with sponsor company every month.


Once you graduate from the program, you can apply for permanent employment with sponsor companies and others CSSWPJ affiliate companies for excellent and hardworking students. You have a chance to be qualified to get a job offer from various companies and obtain Japan Working Visa to reside in Japan permanently.


Fees & Payment

CSSPJ Program participant should be aware that this program is not a scholarship but a Sponsorship that students need to carefully consider own financial situation before enrolling in the program. The cost to participate in CSSPJ Program consists of 3 aspects, Program Fee, Schooling Fee and Dormitory Rental Fee. These will be payable to the Japan program organizer.



o   Once the applicant has been accepted to the program. The CSSWPJ shall request the applicant to pay JPY 30,000 to be paid to the CSSWPJ. This serves as your confirmation to join the program and allow us to proceed with your visa application. The full amount is refundable at the end of the program.


    1. o    A participant is expected to prepare around 300,000 JPY for the 1 time before departure fee. This will be payable after your Students Visa is granted. 100,000 JPY Program Deposit fee is to be refunded after program graduation. Once the below payment is completed, Certificate of Eligibility granted for student Visa will be released by Japan immigration and sent to your residence in your home country. Then, you can proceed with local Japan embassy to have the student visa issued then depart to Japan.



Please review carefully which intake you desire to participate in the program considering your physical, mental and financial readiness. We are open every year in every season according to Japanese Language School semester enrollment periods.


Every intake will have similar time-frame of application process as demonstrated in the below chart. We are opened for 2 years in advance applications up to year 2018. For the future semester intakes, we will keep your profile with us and will get back to you once the future application period draws closer.


Note: Intake application can be flexible. So, even if it is past due for an Intake Period. It is still possible to get accepted. Inquire during interview or through email.



CSSPJ Program is open for unlimited talents from anywhere around the world. we welcome all diversities in all age and gender. The screening process of CSSP could also depend on the preference of sponsor companies and the work vacancies available at the time. All in all, we tend to focus more toward the attitude and the ability to adjust well to Japan.

·        Male or Female in any age and any nationalities

·        Financially capable to bear the cost of Program Fee and self-coverage tuition fee

·        Eager to learn Japanese language and culture and enthusiastic about experiencing the life Japan

·        Very open-minded. Polite and humble with hard working attitude

·        Willing to adapt to Japanese culture, custom and practice

·        Finish at least secondary level of education (highs school). Diploma and Bachelor degree graduates will have more advantage for  future permanent employment opportunities.

·        Japanese language skill is an advantage but not a must

·        English language proficiency is the minimum qualification required if you cannot communicate in Japanese well.


    Not eligible to apply to CSSPJ Program

·        Japanese nationality (Hold Japanese passport)

·        Have been to Japan before under Technical Trainee Visa

·        Already been to Japan to study in Japanese language school with student visa longer than 1 and a half years.

·        Currently in Japan with Spouse Visa, Refugee Visa during application process

·        Currently in Japan with other kinds of Long Terms Stay visa (For a confirmation, please directly inquire us)

·        Applicants under 18 years of age

·        Applicants with serious personal illness


♣Working Part Time Under the Study & Work Program♣

A person who holds Exchange Student visa in Japan will be eligible to work up to 28 working hours a week during school season and up to 40 working hours a week during off school season.




After your program participation confirmation, CSSPWJ will prepare your profile to be reviewed by multiple potential sponsor companies. One or more interview schedules with the sponsor companies will be arranged according to your skills. Depending on the company, students may be able to attend interview through Skype video conference prior to coming to Japan and most students will be attending interviews after they arrive to Japan. Once you are selected, the sponsor company will join CSSWPJ to become that student’s Visa co-guarantor.


CSSWPJ will advise students how to prepare for interviews with sponsor companies focusing on the importance of Japanese etiquette and Japanese business manner. Participants should do their very best in order to be qualified in job to start work as soon as possible.


Here, students will receive the Study Loan under CSSWPJ support  no matter what, not related to when they are selected by the sponsor company. Initially, we offer CSSWPJ Study loan opportunity under available quota of fund provided by CSSWPJ affiliates companies. Lastly, students will only be required to start paying the loan back once they can begin their work duty in Japan.



You will be working with local Japanese where good work ethics will be required to perform your duties successfully with the Japanese sponsor companies.


This way, you will learn about Japanese society deeply by having first-hand experience in regard to the people and the work culture. Moreover, your Japanese language learned in school could be put into practice while working with Japanese locals. This is a very valuable experience that our program offers during your stay to learn Japan way of success and to experience becoming part of the Japanese society.


With the nature of the program, work types and work location may be unknown until students arrive to Japan.


·        You will be working under the management of the local work place assigned by your sponsor. Program organizer will coordinate throughout for your successful part-time income earning as well as study/work schedule

·        You will most likely perform work in the afternoon after morning school classes or you will perform work in the early morning or later in the evening for afternoon classes.

·        You can perform work 28 hours a week during school season (you can request to work more during off school season up to 40 a week)

·        Transportation to work will be subsidized.

·        Working Shifts, leaves and day off are adjustable upon discussion with the workplace leader but not always completely flexible to your wish.

·        Some work place related to catering and food may require a prior health check up. Some other jobs may require to submit certain document and certificates if any.

·        You will be earning hourly wage same as Japanese local employees approximately 900-1,200 JPY/hour.

How to Apply 

①Prepare your resume in Word or Excel file in English or Japanese included the following information 
- Your color photo
- Gender, Date of Birth, Educational History
- Residential Address
- Email, Phone Contact, Skype ID
- Your Native Language and other Language Proficiency if any
- Japanese Language proficiency Level (None, basic conversation, intermediate, N1-5 etc.) 

②Email your resume to: 


 with the following information in the email body
- Full name
- Age and gender
- Nationality 
- Email, phone contact, Skype ID
- Highest Education + Studied Discipline and current occupation if working
- Japanese Language Level (None, basic conversation, intermediate, N1-5 etc.)

③Please state which semester intake you want to apply by putting in the E-mail “Subject” field: to title as below.
“CSSPJ Application for January 2017”
“CSSPJ Application for April 2017”
“CSSPJ Application for July 2017” 
“CSSPJ Application for October 2017”
onward …up to year 2018

Those who send in their application first will be arranged with the first program interview you as soon as possible.

◆◆Application Deadline◆◆

for January 2017 please send in your application by August 14, 2016
April 2017 intake, please send in your application by August 22, 2016
Application intake periods maybe closed but we can be flexible. Please inquire if interested in January 2017 intake.

For other periods, we will keep recruiting until approximately 8 months prior to the semester. 

**If you apply to other periods after April 2017, we will keep your application until the application processing time comes which is approximately 8 months prior to that semester. Please be noted that it will be a while until you hear back from us**


For more inquiries, please contact

We truly wish this program can change your life and can offer you an opportunity to expand your horizons.
We understand that even through our program, Japan could be expensive and financially challenging. However, all possibilities are up to your own hands! After we invite you to Japan, you can surely work hard and accomplish your future goals. 

Hope to hear back from you soon.







Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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